What are Bund Gates?

Not all defences are for external flooding. For businesses that deal with chemicals, oil, petroleum or other harmful fluids, it is essential that spills are enclosed properly. Such fluids can be hazardous to the environment, personnel or traffic should they spill onto a road.

Businesses can prevent spillages spreading into the wider environment by enclosing the managed area with a low wall. Access to this area would be through a water tight gate called a Bund Gate. It acts in exactly the same way as a flood gate but keeps the fluids inside the designated area.



  • BS EN 10025-2 : 2004 – S275JR Steel as minimum.

  • Safety threshold design. All our gates have a flush threshold to prevent the need for a step to form the seal; this allows easy vehicular access for larger gates and trip free access for pedestrians.

  • Fully qualified structural engineer (BEng (Hons), CEng, MIStrucE) to produce design calculations.

  • Fully qualified workshop operatives with company held Weld Procedure Qualifications Records (WPQR) and Weld Procedure Specifications (WPS).

Construction / Manufacture

  • One piece frame to allow casting / fixing into the structural wall. Concrete anchor points for casting in by main contractor are included.

  • Gate leaf matrix manufactured from square hollow section and steel plate fully welded to both sides for flush finish.

  • Machined Heavy Duty hinges with grease nipple points to ensure smooth operation.

  • Machined stainless steel locking mechanisms.

  • Neoprene seals housed in continuous steel channels around Jambs and Threshold.

  • Magnetic Particle Inspection testing to welds and test certificates issued on request.